Pictures of Old Slave Mart


Photos from the Old Slave Mart


Many people wonder what to expect at the Old Slave Mart Museum.  The pictures on this page will give you a small sample of what to expect.  This museum is packed with history and information.  Many of the exhibits require you to read about Chaleston’s Slave trade.  The amount of reading can make this museum a challenge for young children.

This museum offers the rare opportunity to enter a building where slaves were actually sold.  Many speak of the overwhelming feeling of being in a place with such an inhumane history.  Our country is great and this museum offers an honest look at a real part of our unfortunate history.


Slave and Child  Photograph of a slave and the child she was required to care for
Old-Slave-Mart-Museum-Shackles - Copy  Shackles at the Old Slave Mart Museum
Old-Slave-Mart-Museum-Sale - Copy  Information about what happened before slave were sold.
Old-Slave-Mart-Museum-domestic  Domestic and Transatlantic slave trade.
Old-Slave-Mart-Museum-Ryans-Mart - Copy
Old-Slave-Mart-Museum-l - Copy